Oct 23

FAQs on the FSE by Toe

I’ve always thought of becoming a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) —- though I haven’t perfectly matched the term with the nature of the career. :p

Early this afternoon, my cousin encouraged me to take the FSE (Foreign Service Examination). This is actually not the first time I was told. I’ve heard the same encouragement from others too. The question is, am I willing to take the challenge? 

Just after I was reminded earlier, I stumbled upon a very helpful blog published by Toe on 1 Oct 2007. Because of the interesting insights, comments, tips, and links found on this blog, I am even more excited to explore and maximize my potentials.

Along with this high ambition is a great backup which I couldn’t possibly fathom - GOD! I humbly ask the Lord’s guidance and wisdom to be upon me as I consider to take this Career very soon. 

Do You Want to be a Foreign Service Officer (FSO)?

Another link also by Toe: 


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